mardi 5 avril 2011

Time to update!

So here are the update :)

There is a guy that seems so ready to believe anything (he's the one that seems ok to read a book record himself and send it to me ^^) so I decided to bait him from a second address where I play a retired teacher. I'm about to raise some money for its whatever-reason at my local church but guess what? We don't donate to member outside the church, so he's gonna have to fill some papers to be a member of the Church. I'm planning on something really long, with a lot of stupid shit in it.

I decided that maybe you have some questions that you want to be answered by a 30-40 year old Nigerian guy. So go ahead, ask whatever you want, I'll put it in the paper! Submit your name for the Church and if there is a good one, that's gonna be the name of the church too ^^

I've started another bait this morning to see where this could be going. I've ASEMed some lads pretending to be from Western Union and saying that I can redirect lost transfers to the name I want. Unfortunately, I cannot redirect them to the country the lad lives in but to one really close so if he's ok to travel, I'll send him the info to pick up loads of cash. No strong bites for the moment but I hope to see some action.
I want them to discover Africa :D

On the other baits, nothing really new unfortunately... I've resend some mail to all my ongoing baits to see what's going on but no response to that day.

I'll keep you updated later if I receive some new mails :)

11 commentaires:

  1. Lol, love that Western Union bait. :D You church name could be Holy Believers!

  2. Nice post, looking forward to hearing more :)

  3. hehe used to scambait for while too but too much work xD

  4. Ahahah well having some fun is always nice!

  5. LOL i like it hmmmm Question.

    "If hot dogs come in packs of 10, why do buns come in packs of 8?"