vendredi 8 avril 2011

Church Admission Form : Filled (Well almost)

This guy is the most easy bait I've ever had. I send him the form 3 hours ago and I have it filled (almost unfortunately...)

As you can see, S0ul w1nn1ng Be@v3r (just in case he googles his new name) didn't include a speech and a photo with his new name on it. His excuse? He plans on being here for the welcoming ceremony... Sounds like he'll need some cash to come to the ceremony. I'll wait a few hours before calling his bluff and telling him the next ceremony is next Saturday because it is the Be@ver D@y when everyone gathers and talk about be@vers and how they love eating long sticks of wood!

jeudi 7 avril 2011

Church Admission Form!

My guy reaaaally wants to be part of my Church. I like the Holy Believers idea but a friend of mine suggested Holy Beavers instead and I liked it more ^^
It's only 8 pages long for 57 questions so any input will be greatly appreciated. ! Trapper, your question is the 57th :)

And as english is not my mother language, please feel free to correct any faut that you may find.

mardi 5 avril 2011

Time to update!

So here are the update :)

There is a guy that seems so ready to believe anything (he's the one that seems ok to read a book record himself and send it to me ^^) so I decided to bait him from a second address where I play a retired teacher. I'm about to raise some money for its whatever-reason at my local church but guess what? We don't donate to member outside the church, so he's gonna have to fill some papers to be a member of the Church. I'm planning on something really long, with a lot of stupid shit in it.

I decided that maybe you have some questions that you want to be answered by a 30-40 year old Nigerian guy. So go ahead, ask whatever you want, I'll put it in the paper! Submit your name for the Church and if there is a good one, that's gonna be the name of the church too ^^

I've started another bait this morning to see where this could be going. I've ASEMed some lads pretending to be from Western Union and saying that I can redirect lost transfers to the name I want. Unfortunately, I cannot redirect them to the country the lad lives in but to one really close so if he's ok to travel, I'll send him the info to pick up loads of cash. No strong bites for the moment but I hope to see some action.
I want them to discover Africa :D

On the other baits, nothing really new unfortunately... I've resend some mail to all my ongoing baits to see what's going on but no response to that day.

I'll keep you updated later if I receive some new mails :)

A hundred (and one) followers!

Sorry, I don't have much time to blog, I have a lot of paper to grade... I'll keep you updated on the ongoing baits (there's nothing really new though but I've been trying some new ones)

However, I noticed this morning that my blog reached 100 (and one) followers!
Thank you all for following and I'll try my best to post this week ^^

mardi 29 mars 2011

Modalities can be a pain in the

The bait where I ASEM Western Union receipt is going on and it is working kinda well. I thought of this website where your lad connects and have to answer a some of questions to access their precious MTCN (control number for Western Union transfer).
It goes like this, you create a transaction on this website, you set up the number of questions you want your lad to answer before being granted the MTCN, I chose infinity. You get a unique access code that you send to your lad.
The lad goes to the site, enter the access code, his personal info and start answering some questions hoping to get "da moni".
I got several lads that took their chance in the race to the MTCN number! For a grand prize of $5,000!
Most of them tried to autoanswer the questions without actually reading it but  one of them took some time to answer 157 questions !

Trophy pictures

I just woke up to see that I've received these pictures. The sign one looks kinda fake but the set is exactly what I ask for so I don't know.
Background story: I chatted this girl for a little while and I saw that there was little hope for anything fun or remotely fun to happen, so I decided to send her a fake payment receipt with the reference number nearly unreadable so she cannot check or even withdraw the money.
Then one time, I log on and I talked like a lad saying that I took "Mr Jean" (That's me) yahoo account. I told her that I already received money from Mr Jean and that I could see the receipt Mr Jean sent to her so I'll just grab the cash for me. One hour later, my lad was back online with a "we got da moni u da foool oooo!!!!!!".
So now she really believes that this Mr. Jean is the real deal and that she can make money out of him and I decided to ask for some photos.
I asked for:
  1. A picture of her
  2. A picture of her with a sign saying "I love you more that I love Semence" (Semence was the name of the lad I was playing)
  3. A picture of her with a bill from Ghana
  4. A picture of her in front of something else from Ghana
She didn't put the good sign so I'm a bit disappointed, that was the only picture that was really lolworthy :(
Dat bitch (datass.jpg)

That wasn't what I asked for and it looks fake

That's pimpin, lady!
I was thinking of a monument but a plate is cool too

lundi 28 mars 2011

New fresh baits

As promised earlier, this is a post about some baits I started this morning and at the end of last week.

First one has been suggested by a fellow blogger, that I call Captain because I can't remember his full nickname, anyway thank you very much sir.
The idea is to ASEM (Accidentally Sent E-Mails) a couple of lads with an interesting proposition. Our company pays them to read some stuff. We pay $25 a page if it is recorded on audio tape and $75 for a video recording.
 I had a few bites, and one guy seems totally hooked. I'm not disclosing here what he agreed to read but no it is not Green eggs and a ham, sorry Captain, but it is a 101 pages story. I hope he'll read it all and send it to me because I've always wanted to discover this story and have always been too lazy to actually read the book.
I got 3-4 other bites, but nothing seem really hooked. I'll try to know what's going on later maybe tomorrow morning.

The other one is starting with a lot of fun and I think that there is potential for trophies, or at least good laughs. The bait goes like this. I have a mail address which I use to impersonate a lad and an other wher I play a regulat victim. My lad address sends a request for a payment to my "victim" address. Now my "victim" address replies and includes in cci, all the lads I want to ASEM, with the "payment slip" for the transfer. My "lad address" replies a couple of hours later that "the money is well received", and ask for another payment still cci'ing all the ASEMed lads. My "victim address" promptly execute the order and send another "payment slip". At this point the ASEMed lads are going crazy and wants to take their part of the money also known as "DOLLA CHOOOOPED U FOOOOOOOL" in the lads workforce.
They're asking me to redirect the money to their country/address because the lad I am playing has been murdered, arrested, kidnapped, has quit business. But hey I don't know them, I need proofs of their honesty, and that's where I'm trying to get trophies.
The point is to make them believe that the victim has sent the money, and is naïve enough to do so. Hell, they saw a guy earn $5,000 and there is another $5,000 floating around.

I hope I'll get a fews good quotes that I'll show you guys.

Take care and bait safe ;)

Lads don't work on week ends so don't I

Sorry guys I haven't been blogging during this week end. I had an amazing week end with the girlfriend :D

Beside, lads don't work on week end therefore there was nothing really new until this morning!

I've started a couple of new baits and I'll tell you more about them later when I have more time for a long post.

One has been suggested by a fellow blogger and it seems that the first bite was a good one (Thanks Captain for the idea :3 )

Last one involves some Accidently SEnt Mails (ASEM) but kinda Accidently on purpose. I'll expect some trophies out of this one even if it seems harder than I thought it would.

I'll tell you more about them later on :)

As a picture for today's post is the Holy Motherfucking Grail of every Scammer! The 'payment slip' of a Western Union Transfer (this one is fake, I made it myself, with the help of deuzer's generator <-So useful for your own scambaits)

jeudi 24 mars 2011

FBI got me :-/

Damn, I'm in deep caca (that's French for poo-poo). I woke up this morning and looked at my baiter mail box... I have a mail from FBI...
I let you read it and I'll ask you for some advice:

mercredi 23 mars 2011

Got some replies from insulted lads

So far the replies are not as fun as I thought they would be, so I sent a second barrel to all of them.

Starting from today, Problems upon problems will be your portion. you will beg for food, Let this be a lesson to you. Don't talk to people you don't know like that.
Yusuf Ocalan
Let all the curses in the bible follow you and your generations yet unborn.The curses will chase and confirm its spoken word as the almighty stand firm on every spoken word Mat 24 Vs 35. Your whole generation will live in penury,all the evil accompanying the east wind shall over take you and your whole generation.AMEN!
Jack Mensah
i don't  blame you i can see  that you are  mad you animal beast of no training foooooooooooooooooool      goat  
Mary Jacob
my dear i am so happy to hare from rom you no matter what you sey to me i want to let you konw that this is rell i am a girl of 20y i am from ivrey coast in my country naw we have problem of election naw that is why i nezed your help .but my dear i will not blem you on what you sey to me is is becouse of the condtion of the world naw but i can tell you to have compartion un me and have blive in what i tell you .
i am marey janne koffi .
plaes i need your reply to me  

Jenny Jane

Last one gotta be kidding, I don't know how he can possibly think I'll may be a real victim (they call it maga or mugu)

Let's have a nice conversation with lads :)

I just emailed this to several lad:
Which is written in their language but can be translated to:

"Subject: Your mother seems to enjoy interspecies intercourses with Bovidae
 Dear sir,
 I am sorry to inform you that you may not be knowledgeable in having a successful business. Moreover, by the present letter, I wish to inform you that both your genitors are part of the streetwalker workforce.
Best regards"

Let's see if I can get some replies :)

How to scambait? Part 1

You've received this kind of mail:
"Please forgive me for the unofficial way of reaching you via email. I am
Alex G. Nwachukwu (Mr.), the Auditor General, All Standard Securities Limited. In
the course of my auditing, I discovered a floating fund in an account which
was opened in 1990 belonging to a dead foreigner a national of your country.
I decided to track his last name over the Internet to locate any member of
his family hence I got in contact with you.

I want to move the sum of $18.5M from All Standard Securities Limited in his
account to abroad. I am therefore write to ask you that you quietly partner
with me and providing an account or setting up a new one that will serve the
purpose of receiving this fund. Even an empty account can also serve as long
as there will be honesty to me till the end of the deal and I hope you will
never let me down. After going through deased records and files, I
discovered that:

(1) No one has operated this account since 2003;
(2) He died without an heir; hence the money has been floating.
(3) No other person knows about this account and there was no known beneficiary.

This money can only be approved to you legally as you have the same LAST
NAME. Hence I am contacting you. I will require your urgent reply so that I
give you the next step. Kindly forward your telephone and fax numbers. I am
ready to give you the sum of $7,500,000 ($7.5M) for your assistance and
partnering with me. I look forward to your prompt.

Best Regards,
Mr. Alex G. Nwachukwu"

And you want to have fun with this scammer. Looks like you want to scambait :)

mardi 22 mars 2011

Hoooooo god

I'm chatting this scammer since so long he has literally been trough all the excuses to get money out of me. I even pretended to come to Ghana, I've sent him a fake airplane ticket, I've done everything just to meet her needs without actually sending a single dime.
Look what she/he comes up with :
Jenny Jones: Jean I need to get my menstruation pad and it really cost a lot of blood bleeding on me and get buy the pad so it well stop
Jean: Wow sure how much does it cost?
Jenny Jones: $250 jean . I will be very happy if u. Can help me with that just I'm too much wasting my blood jean

I let you enjoy it, i don't think I'll join a photo to this post...

The weirdest mail ever

This morning I had good feelings about the commercial guy but he still hasn't sent me anything... But an old lad that was pretending to be a camp refugee guy with shitload of money has sent me a mail that was kind of weird of a camp refugee.
This guy now rocks in Casinos! He offered me to share his secrets for Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, Craps, Slot Machines because I helped him a few weeks ago (well more like months and it hardly qualifies as help....)
He says that now he recovered his money and he is now touring the world from Casinos in Macao, Casinos in Las Vegas, Casinos in Monaco, Casinos in Eastern Europe (he actually wrote it like that, repeating casino over and over just in case I did not understand the first time...)
I asked him for his secrets in roulette and black jack and I'll see if he's willing to share them with me for free since we were such good friends when I was asking him to take a picture of himself with a dog on his head ^^
I'll tell you where it goes if I receive news from him :)

Lad in Vegas! Sounds awesome! Wanna know more!

lundi 21 mars 2011

Tonight challenge!

I'm bored out my ass so I'm gonna try to have one lad (one pretending to be a girl) to tell me that she loves bestiality ^^ If that's too easy, I'll try something harder. if you have any idea, go ahead :) I have till 1:00AM GMT to do so.
A trophy pic, not mine but a good one :)


Sorry for the full caps, but it was such a surprise to receive this mail this morning:
"Hello Mr ******,
your sample [of the commercial I asked him to shoot] will be emailed at you shortly. Plz do not give the job to another company. We have shoot the sample for you.

mr *****"
(I censored the names just in case this guy googles our names, I don't want him to find out what's going on)

I've told him our company is thinking about another commercial to be shot. If you guys have any idea to what you'd like a 419 nigerian scammer to film, it's time to speak in the comments :D It's gotta be funny stuff but you have to understand that I'll have to make him believe a mining company needs this kind of commercial ^^

Have fun out there :D

mercredi 16 mars 2011

Time to have some new baits

My current baits are on the low side, so I'm kinda bored. I'm going to start some fresh ones and I thought I will ask you for new ideas of persona and what I should try to do.

Then I thought: Challenge! So I decided to make it a game, YOU will suggest what should be my name (I already used Mike Hock, Mike Hunter, a fake charity Father F. Uck Children In Africa from Frederik Uck), what should be my job, and so on (give as many details as you wish about my character) and what should be my goal, i will then pick the best ideas and poll it up. The winning idea is what I will have to accomplish :)

lundi 14 mars 2011

Fuck those scammers!

First lesson, that you need to know about scammers is that they don't work on week ends. Maybe they think they deserve time off their jobs, but I need their mails. I need to decipher their messages on a daily basis, I NEED'EM!!!
No, seriously, no news for today, I've resent mails to all the active (and no longer active baits) but I'm waiting for replies. I'm gonna bait for a little while on 4ppl if anyone's up to it we could double-bait, that would add up some possibilities :)

PS: Here's the pic of a passport a "girl" from Ghana sent me. i'm not a US passport holder but I had no idea that this kind of picture were allowed :D

vendredi 11 mars 2011

Argh! Bad day :/

Nothing exiting for today. The commercial guy has not answer me and I have no news from the guy painting this for me:
That's too bad, I would have loved to have this in my room if the work was well done. I'm gonna send him an email to inform him that's the price is bigger than initially planed...

I have still good hope for the commercial guy, since he told me that the deal was over a week ago and I sent him an email saying "ok no problem" then tada! two days later I received a very formal letter from his serious company "u wait two days and u wil haev ur sample". I'll give him the week end to shoot it, if there's nothing new on Monday he's gonna here about me!

Since I don't have too much to talk about my current baits, I'm gonna give you the sites I use to bait:
#1 gotta be if you're considering dating I would strongly suggest you to NOT go to this site but if you're into baiting that's the best. You'll receive dozens of contacts each day for love scam (it's when a girl or a guy wants money to fly to your place but unfortunately he/she won't) but even for other stuff. Guymen do not hesitate to contact you to propose you a gold deal on dating websites! Who would refuse this kind of deal? ($15k for 1kg of 23carats gold if anyone's interested contact Mr Jimmy White)

#2 is an english to lad language translator to be able to talk like them and sometimes, I try to scam scammers by pretending to be one of them :)
At the end we exchange some observations about each other mother and their alleged job as a common street walker and the potential diseases that are inherent with this work, or the rumours about their father's sexual life with Capra aegagrus hircus

#3 is a site for some of the best tools in scambaiting : Deuzer's receipt generator Holy fuck that's awesome. You can generate fake receipt for Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, banks, you can expand a 140Kb picture to a 9Mb one just to be sure that's the scammer will take forever (or won't usually they don't bother) to download and see the picture. You can shred a picture to a lot of small one, in case you think your guy is up for a puzzle. Well the possibilities are endless.

#4 is gmail because those fuckers can't trace you from mail headers as mails are seen to be sent from google's servers (well if you are sitting on google's servers while scambaiting, that's another story).

And that's it. I also use skype with a phone number so we can chatty-chat about stuff. I'll post a recorded convo if I find one that's really good.

Have a great day guys :D

mercredi 9 mars 2011

Baiting going on!

I have several baits going on.
Some straightbaiting (I just play the role of a real victim, except for sending the money) from love scam (you meet a girl/guy from West Africa that falls in love with you and wants money to come to see you). I have promised to a lot of them that I was going to send them laptops, phones, jewels and stuff. I'm trying to find one that would be willing to pay for the shipping, or send fedex to my place so I can send him a big fat piece of crap with high value (for tax). I'm working on it :D

I have an artbait going on too. I play the role of an art galery manager and we're looking for artists to give them loadsof money. The goal is to have them paint, sculpt anything you want and convince them to send it to you. I have 2 guys painting stuff for me. I'm actively looking for new "artists" (post pics of stuff you'd like to be painted in comments :D ) I hope to see results from this one very soon.

And finally, I have a bait where I pretend to be from a company that needs a TV commercial to be shot in West Africa for some reasons. After 3 months of work, I think I should receive pretty soon a 10-15 seconds commercial. I hope I'll receive it, I hope it's gonna be great. I'll keep you updated ;)

Gonna find new preys. Have fun :D

mardi 8 mars 2011

First message :D

Since a few weeks, I've found a great interest in scambaiting 419ers. What is a 419er?
It's just a prince of Nigeria that have assets that needs to be invest in YOUR country and YOU can help him and he'll give you $1M, just 'cause you're good looking!
I bet you have received this kind of mail, if not check your spam box. Still nothing? You're one lucky dude!

Anyway, since a few weeks, I've been trying to get my share of trophies (ridiculous pictures from the 419ers, filled form, safaris and so on) I must admit that so far i haven't received a lot of this precious trophies.... Just a form filled by a guy from Ghana that thought I was a Mining company and I was looking for a team to shoot a commercial. Here are the form, required by DHS for international transfers :D

I have a few baits going on from all kinds (art bait, straight bait, de educational...)
I'll post some of the on-going baits later to gather ideas :)
If you wanna know more about scambaiting just google 419 scambaiting and you'll find plenty of useful forums ;)