vendredi 11 mars 2011

Argh! Bad day :/

Nothing exiting for today. The commercial guy has not answer me and I have no news from the guy painting this for me:
That's too bad, I would have loved to have this in my room if the work was well done. I'm gonna send him an email to inform him that's the price is bigger than initially planed...

I have still good hope for the commercial guy, since he told me that the deal was over a week ago and I sent him an email saying "ok no problem" then tada! two days later I received a very formal letter from his serious company "u wait two days and u wil haev ur sample". I'll give him the week end to shoot it, if there's nothing new on Monday he's gonna here about me!

Since I don't have too much to talk about my current baits, I'm gonna give you the sites I use to bait:
#1 gotta be if you're considering dating I would strongly suggest you to NOT go to this site but if you're into baiting that's the best. You'll receive dozens of contacts each day for love scam (it's when a girl or a guy wants money to fly to your place but unfortunately he/she won't) but even for other stuff. Guymen do not hesitate to contact you to propose you a gold deal on dating websites! Who would refuse this kind of deal? ($15k for 1kg of 23carats gold if anyone's interested contact Mr Jimmy White)

#2 is an english to lad language translator to be able to talk like them and sometimes, I try to scam scammers by pretending to be one of them :)
At the end we exchange some observations about each other mother and their alleged job as a common street walker and the potential diseases that are inherent with this work, or the rumours about their father's sexual life with Capra aegagrus hircus

#3 is a site for some of the best tools in scambaiting : Deuzer's receipt generator Holy fuck that's awesome. You can generate fake receipt for Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, banks, you can expand a 140Kb picture to a 9Mb one just to be sure that's the scammer will take forever (or won't usually they don't bother) to download and see the picture. You can shred a picture to a lot of small one, in case you think your guy is up for a puzzle. Well the possibilities are endless.

#4 is gmail because those fuckers can't trace you from mail headers as mails are seen to be sent from google's servers (well if you are sitting on google's servers while scambaiting, that's another story).

And that's it. I also use skype with a phone number so we can chatty-chat about stuff. I'll post a recorded convo if I find one that's really good.

Have a great day guys :D

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  1. You could rasterbate it. Google it, what it makes is that it takes a big picture and divides in a determined number of pages so you can print them, then stick them to your wall and it looks really cool.w

  2. lol =D
    last week i got screwed up on
    good timing :D
    keep up!

  3. That is a great painting. Hopefully it is completed soon.

  4. painting looks awesome, how much you willing to pay for it? not that im a painter...

  5. goods tips mate followed u :P!