lundi 28 mars 2011

New fresh baits

As promised earlier, this is a post about some baits I started this morning and at the end of last week.

First one has been suggested by a fellow blogger, that I call Captain because I can't remember his full nickname, anyway thank you very much sir.
The idea is to ASEM (Accidentally Sent E-Mails) a couple of lads with an interesting proposition. Our company pays them to read some stuff. We pay $25 a page if it is recorded on audio tape and $75 for a video recording.
 I had a few bites, and one guy seems totally hooked. I'm not disclosing here what he agreed to read but no it is not Green eggs and a ham, sorry Captain, but it is a 101 pages story. I hope he'll read it all and send it to me because I've always wanted to discover this story and have always been too lazy to actually read the book.
I got 3-4 other bites, but nothing seem really hooked. I'll try to know what's going on later maybe tomorrow morning.

The other one is starting with a lot of fun and I think that there is potential for trophies, or at least good laughs. The bait goes like this. I have a mail address which I use to impersonate a lad and an other wher I play a regulat victim. My lad address sends a request for a payment to my "victim" address. Now my "victim" address replies and includes in cci, all the lads I want to ASEM, with the "payment slip" for the transfer. My "lad address" replies a couple of hours later that "the money is well received", and ask for another payment still cci'ing all the ASEMed lads. My "victim address" promptly execute the order and send another "payment slip". At this point the ASEMed lads are going crazy and wants to take their part of the money also known as "DOLLA CHOOOOPED U FOOOOOOOL" in the lads workforce.
They're asking me to redirect the money to their country/address because the lad I am playing has been murdered, arrested, kidnapped, has quit business. But hey I don't know them, I need proofs of their honesty, and that's where I'm trying to get trophies.
The point is to make them believe that the victim has sent the money, and is naïve enough to do so. Hell, they saw a guy earn $5,000 and there is another $5,000 floating around.

I hope I'll get a fews good quotes that I'll show you guys.

Take care and bait safe ;)

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