mercredi 23 mars 2011

Got some replies from insulted lads

So far the replies are not as fun as I thought they would be, so I sent a second barrel to all of them.

Starting from today, Problems upon problems will be your portion. you will beg for food, Let this be a lesson to you. Don't talk to people you don't know like that.
Yusuf Ocalan
Let all the curses in the bible follow you and your generations yet unborn.The curses will chase and confirm its spoken word as the almighty stand firm on every spoken word Mat 24 Vs 35. Your whole generation will live in penury,all the evil accompanying the east wind shall over take you and your whole generation.AMEN!
Jack Mensah
i don't  blame you i can see  that you are  mad you animal beast of no training foooooooooooooooooool      goat  
Mary Jacob
my dear i am so happy to hare from rom you no matter what you sey to me i want to let you konw that this is rell i am a girl of 20y i am from ivrey coast in my country naw we have problem of election naw that is why i nezed your help .but my dear i will not blem you on what you sey to me is is becouse of the condtion of the world naw but i can tell you to have compartion un me and have blive in what i tell you .
i am marey janne koffi .
plaes i need your reply to me  

Jenny Jane

Last one gotta be kidding, I don't know how he can possibly think I'll may be a real victim (they call it maga or mugu)

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  1. The last one is almost uncomprehensible. Like another language of its own. :P

  2. It took me way too long to read that last one.....

  3. hahaha problems upon problems will be your portion!!!