mardi 8 mars 2011

First message :D

Since a few weeks, I've found a great interest in scambaiting 419ers. What is a 419er?
It's just a prince of Nigeria that have assets that needs to be invest in YOUR country and YOU can help him and he'll give you $1M, just 'cause you're good looking!
I bet you have received this kind of mail, if not check your spam box. Still nothing? You're one lucky dude!

Anyway, since a few weeks, I've been trying to get my share of trophies (ridiculous pictures from the 419ers, filled form, safaris and so on) I must admit that so far i haven't received a lot of this precious trophies.... Just a form filled by a guy from Ghana that thought I was a Mining company and I was looking for a team to shoot a commercial. Here are the form, required by DHS for international transfers :D

I have a few baits going on from all kinds (art bait, straight bait, de educational...)
I'll post some of the on-going baits later to gather ideas :)
If you wanna know more about scambaiting just google 419 scambaiting and you'll find plenty of useful forums ;)

9 commentaires:

  1. lol phishing is hella drug xD

  2. hahaha i love nigerian princes

  3. man i hate these people though they are funny sometimes

  4. @Liquidmaster: Lol at the Charlie Murphy reference

  5. xDD lol hmk wanna go to afrika buhu xD

  6. I once read an article about this pastor who got scammed out of alot of money, then he got arrested.