lundi 21 mars 2011

Tonight challenge!

I'm bored out my ass so I'm gonna try to have one lad (one pretending to be a girl) to tell me that she loves bestiality ^^ If that's too easy, I'll try something harder. if you have any idea, go ahead :) I have till 1:00AM GMT to do so.
A trophy pic, not mine but a good one :)

13 commentaires:

  1. he likes to give heads lol classic

  2. haha that picture is epic! added to my funnies.

  3. Man I think I failed my tonight's challenge :( The best line I got is:

    Me: Do you have a problem with Nazi objects and is it a problem for you if I like to have them around?

    Him/her: am cool with that dear

    But I told her that i was addicted to porn so I have a way to make her confess that she likes to suck dick horses :D

  4. Ahahah made me laugh quite a bit!

  5. Necro bestiality would be also ok :P

  6. Haha good luck, you do some funny things bud