lundi 28 mars 2011

Lads don't work on week ends so don't I

Sorry guys I haven't been blogging during this week end. I had an amazing week end with the girlfriend :D

Beside, lads don't work on week end therefore there was nothing really new until this morning!

I've started a couple of new baits and I'll tell you more about them later when I have more time for a long post.

One has been suggested by a fellow blogger and it seems that the first bite was a good one (Thanks Captain for the idea :3 )

Last one involves some Accidently SEnt Mails (ASEM) but kinda Accidently on purpose. I'll expect some trophies out of this one even if it seems harder than I thought it would.

I'll tell you more about them later on :)

As a picture for today's post is the Holy Motherfucking Grail of every Scammer! The 'payment slip' of a Western Union Transfer (this one is fake, I made it myself, with the help of deuzer's generator <-So useful for your own scambaits)

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