mardi 29 mars 2011

Trophy pictures

I just woke up to see that I've received these pictures. The sign one looks kinda fake but the set is exactly what I ask for so I don't know.
Background story: I chatted this girl for a little while and I saw that there was little hope for anything fun or remotely fun to happen, so I decided to send her a fake payment receipt with the reference number nearly unreadable so she cannot check or even withdraw the money.
Then one time, I log on and I talked like a lad saying that I took "Mr Jean" (That's me) yahoo account. I told her that I already received money from Mr Jean and that I could see the receipt Mr Jean sent to her so I'll just grab the cash for me. One hour later, my lad was back online with a "we got da moni u da foool oooo!!!!!!".
So now she really believes that this Mr. Jean is the real deal and that she can make money out of him and I decided to ask for some photos.
I asked for:
  1. A picture of her
  2. A picture of her with a sign saying "I love you more that I love Semence" (Semence was the name of the lad I was playing)
  3. A picture of her with a bill from Ghana
  4. A picture of her in front of something else from Ghana
She didn't put the good sign so I'm a bit disappointed, that was the only picture that was really lolworthy :(
Dat bitch (datass.jpg)

That wasn't what I asked for and it looks fake

That's pimpin, lady!
I was thinking of a monument but a plate is cool too

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